She opened the kitchen door so she could take a glass of wine from the shelf. She thought she'd last everything. He can handle everything. But probably not. He appeared here as if he had never left. It just rings at the door, waiting for Anastázie to open the door, and he will fall into his arms. After all they had lived together, after all that had happened.
Years ago
How could she forget?! Could she? Or he? What about their children, they didn't play any part in it? What kind of father just disappears? What father will stop taking care of the day? What father… She couldn't blame him for anything, naturally. She couldn't, even if she wanted to, forget that she was different, all those years ago. Stressed out, annoying, destroyed. But was it not his humility? How did she do it? Shouldn't he have encouraged her to run away from her?!