Give me a kiss!

This is a phrase that many will say on the first date. And do you know the rules of how she kissed properly? Experts advise that we have no hurry. And for the first meeting, a small, tiny "spout" is sufficient.  In the next step, slow down, the time is enough for sex. If you are too hasten, you may find that the partner becomes uncertain or simply stop having fun and "gives you a boot." Therefore, arrest your teeth and endure!
Three months, perfect length!
Do you ask how long you have a potential partner to "dating" without coming to harm? What is the "D Day" in the calendar? They said it was three months. It's a period of time when you're tapping, getting acquainted. This will tell you the information that is most interested in this period of time. You can also find the downsides of the partner. So don't rush and have some time to think about. You will see that even the very lovemaking will entertain you both more when you know better, and not only that, you will even "love."

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