Gold or Striebro nie is the right voľba

Please note that in the graphic design of the contestable Announcementscan the golden or the floral decoration of Želanie sa on the Java scan. Gold and Striebro SA is a trait and a reflection of Čierne. Preto plan in the design čiernej. Ak is the result after Kompletizácii notificationsthe text of the announcement, precovered with a foil with pressed ornaments, then in the design it is scanned by Väčina notified and with the foil and the text is understandable Hore. The real will be under the foil.
What is the right button?
Preparing the push-to-go notification zahŕňa štúdiovej work, the graphic design of the text and the cost of setting the push engine then before Puszhou. It is calculated for each individual text Verzi. It does not matter, or you want to let go of one piece or a hundred kusov. The price of the preparation will be equal in both cases. In the form of the formula, there is one preparation of the button. Ak you have the Viac text variant, the other preparation sa hues up in the full final price podľa number of text variants.

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