I sodium lamp has its charm

Don't believe? Well. Do you have a dog to walk? Or do you belong to lovers of evening walks? And do you notice how the evening twilight transforms into an illuminated night? How do you suddenly turn off street lamps and slow them down? This is the sodium lamp, which is located in the lamps of public lighting. Isn't that a magical sight? You walk down the street and walk home in a fully illuminated, pleasant yellow light that replaces the sun's rays in the daytime. Silence everywhere, but light.
Look out before you fall asleep
Be sure to look out the window before you save to sleep. You will see a quiet, pleasantly illuminated night street that roam the last people who are walking their pets, occasionally looking at a cat who has started on a night hunt or seeking a place to relax. Soak up a fresh sip of night air and pull the curtain, behind which the illuminated street is guarding your restful sleep. Don't you suddenly feel safe? A piece of that light penetrates into your bedroom to give you a good night's sleep. Good night and beautiful dreams!

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