Repairs in a new way

If you burst into duct drainage, we are the ones who can fix it. Repairs of sewer pipes are done long and very well. We are not afraid of new modern methods. That's why we're cheaper than others. For larger problems, such as cracks on the pipe, a part of the pipe must usually be replaced, which takes a long time. We use the latest versions of the renovation sleeves, which can perfectly seal even larger cracks. It's faster and, of course, cheaper.
Mechanical Milling Cutter
We can also provide advice in households. Most often the problem is with clogged wastes. Cleaning waste may not be a big problem when you have the necessary technology and experience. We mainly use a motor cutter that can allow any deposits. Then we'll just fuse it with a waterjet and you're done. In a few moments the work is done.

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