The joy of tiding up

I like to clean, I like to have a tidy and fresh around. I clean up on a continuous basis, but a few times a year I do a great cleaning of the whole house. Once in a while it is necessary to wipe the dust everywhere, clean the waste bins or joints between the tiles, wash the windows. I'm sure you know that too. Most of the big cleaning events are happening at the time of the change of the season and when we have some festive days waiting for us.
New discovery
For a long time I was looking for suitable cleaning products. Yes, I will occasionally subse my adverts and usually disrespect myself. Nothing has ever worked according to the promised effects. The cleaning was unnecessarily prolonged by the meaningless repetition of the same activity, because one of the spots did not want to disappear. I got disappointed when I discovered a drugstore from Germany. Since then, cleaning has been a game and a favorite activity.

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