Traditional supplement

Those who like tradition will surely find themselves in oriental carpets. These are so traditional that it's not possible anymore. Whether you look at them as you want, you'll always find that they are 100 percent compliant with the traditional production method. These are carpets, which are still produced in the territory of the former Persia in a manual manner. This craftsmanship is inherited from generation to generation in families. All procedures associated with manual binding are followed and the same natural material is used. It is certainly not surprising that dimensions, shapes, colours, patterns and motifs are preserved. It is a perfectly traditional supplement.
Attractive interior dominant
If you are looking for a supplement that is guaranteed to be remarkable and with which you will surely be disgraceful, then the ideal are hand-knotted oriental carpets. Although their beauty does not scream into the world and it is not primally noticeable, they are accessories that can be captivate in any environment. You can choose a completely traditional concept in a completely classic design, so choose a modern design. In any case, your rug will be an original hand-made accessory that just doesn't get a taste.

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