Everyone loves to travel, but the funds may be tight when wanting to do so. Rather than staying at home, there are a few ways that one can find airline trip savings beginning with parking the car. When the need is there to use short or long term parking when traveling by air, many parking facilities and hotels offer incentives that can result in huge savings for the consumer.

Free Parking Lot Shuttle Service

Some parking lot companies offer free shuttle service to people who use their facilities. In many instances, this can allow a patron to park at a cheaper remote lot and then take the free shuttle to the airport, which essentially doubles the savings. Off-site parking is usually less expensive than parking at the airport, but one should prepare ahead and book a spot in advance to ensure they can be accommodated by both a parking space and a free ride to catch a flight.

Free Hotel Shuttle Service

Free shuttle service is also offered by many hotels if the person stays overnight before getting on a flight. Some hotels provide a free ride to the airport along with allowing the customer to park a car for free, sometimes for up to 21 days, in a secure lot while they are away on their trip. This can be extremely beneficial for those who want to avoid paying for long-term parking while they are gone. When coming back from a trip, the customer can elect to use the free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel to pick up their car.

Airport Shuttle Service

If one wishes to avoid driving altogether, an airport shuttle service can do the driving for you. A one-way ride to or from the airport can be arranged, or a round-trip shuttle can also be set up. This service fills up quickly, so it’s advisable to book early. One of the best perks about this service is that there are no surprise costs when arriving at a destination.

No matter which option one chooses to use, the savings can add up quickly. Don’t simply pay the high cost for parking at an airport when off-site lots and hotels offer premium deals for keeping cash in your pocket. Big savings can mean more available spending money for that long overdue time away from home.

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