You can stay as long as you want

Our capital city is truly magical and annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists not only abroad, but also from the Czech Republic. In addition, there are many universities and jobs, so you can normally meet with seasonal workers or students in the metropolis on the Vltava River. And they need to live somewhere. The hotels are expensive and in the hostels it is not much better. In our hostel Prague you will get perfect comfort at great prices. You can sleep with us for only a few nights, or use our services for months or even years.
The connection is simple
Our hostel is not made up of only one building, our branches are located in many places of Prague. All of them can be reached directly by bus and tram. You can also use the subway for two. In case you have a vehicle, it is possible to use our private parking, which is an integral part of each of our premises.

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