You never know what can meet you

You're going to be in your tracks. You have a decent working position in which you have a position, respect and appreciation, and thanks to the accumulated experience, your position is almost uncompromised. But anything can happen and you will suddenly be taken out of measure, because something is beginning to change. The company you work for is starting to change the strategy a little, as it requires the market. Suddenly they want you from the company management to lead the project in the light of experience. And it's not a project any more. The project company gets a lot of money to create new jobs.
Do not panic
Project management is no joke. And you were approached without any experience of such a big project. But don't worry, not a sleeky night. The company will not leave you alone. Through corporate education It will send you a course, where you will learn everything and where you will get a lot of skills! You will then use it to lead the project! The management of the company sees you hidden and mainly untapped potential, otherwise it would not be a word! So show what's in You!

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